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Double Hung Windows

The design of the Elite Double-Hung Window combines great looks with world-class performance, offering you a dramatic upgrade as replacement windows or initial elegance for your new home. Custom built to your opening sizes, Elite Double-Hung Windows allow you to recreate the old-fashioned look of paned windows without their high maintenance and low thermal efficiency.  Sashes tilt-in for easy glass cleaning from inside the home. 


Featuring frame and sash corners fusion-welded into a solid unit, the Elite Double-Hung Window provides a permanent seal against air and water penetration. And since the windows are made of high-quality, multi-chambered vinyl extrusions, with a superior finish, they outperform almost every other replacement window on the market and look new for years to come.


A full interlock at the meeting rails and a commercial-type stepped jamb provide added security and strength to the overall unit. The stepped sill gives superior protection against outside elements. Dual vent locks/night latches also provide additional security. Triple woolpile weatherstripping with a center Mylar fin controls air and water infiltration.

Standard Features of the Elite Double-Hung

  1. Fusion-welded frame and sash provides superior air tightness, thermal resistance, noise reduction and strength.
  2. Combination Stepped/Sloped Sill reduces air infiltration while allowing water runoff; structural grade 60 rating.
  3. Integral interlock system with triple weatherstripping seals on sashes reduces air infiltration and adds security.
  4. Our Dura-lite insulating glass system ensures ultimate thermal efficiency is the best available.
  5. Triple weatherstripping with a Mylar center gives superior protection from air infiltration.
  6. Smoothest surface finish in the industry resists staining and looks new for years.
  7. New 1" insulated glass is standard. Optional glazing such as High Performance Low-E/Argon, decorative, obscure, tinted or tempered is also available.
  8. Dual vent locks/night latches allow ventilation while deterring forced entry.
  9. Concealed Sash Balance System is quiet, smooth operating and allows for easy raising, lowering, and tilting of sashes.
  10. Triple glazing ultra high performance glass packages also available – R5 and Better!

Lifetime, non pro-rated warranty is the best available and is transferrable to second property owner.  Includes lifetime glass breakage!


Manage Your Home’s Energy

Save More Energy → Save More Money

Our Glass is superior to others on the market due to our utilization of the finest lowE available.  Get high performance from our Dual Glaze option.  The Triple Glaze option provides the ultimate level of energy efficiency, noise and condensation protection on the market today.  Providing your family and friends a healthier, more comfortable environment, as well as, lower energy bills, natural light and great views.


Options Available…Exceed All Energy Star Requirements!

LowE/366:  Consists of 1 Lite of Superior LowE Glass & 1 Clear filled with Argon gas with U-Values as low as .25 and R Value of 4.0.

Power Pack:  Consists of 2 Lites of Superior LowE Glass & 1 Clear/2 Dead Air Spaces filled with Argon with U-Values as low as .19 and R Value of 5.3.  This option exceeds the DOE’s High Performance Windows Volume Purchasing Program.

R5-Triple Pack:  Consists of 2 Lites of Superior LowE glass & 1 Clear/2 Dead Air Spaces filled with Krypton/Argon Mix with U-Values as low as .17 and R Value of 5.9.  This option exceeds the DOE’s High Performance Windows Volume Purchasing Program.

Our Triple Glazing Provide

  • Superior Thermal & Durability Performance Due to a Unique Composite Laminating Technology Without the Use of Metal!
  • The Lowest Conductivity Warm Edge Space Available!
  • Superior Argon/Krypton Gas Retention!
  • Superior Efficient Low Emissivity Glass!

All Triple Glazing Options are available only on the Elite Series and Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors.


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Double Hung Windows

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Casement Windows

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Picture and Special Windows

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Sliding Windows

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