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Why a Vinyl Sunroom?

Vinyl is now the material of choice for many other building products such as siding, windows and PVD pipe. More importantly, a vinyl sunroom looks like it was meant to be part of your home, not an afterthought.

Oasis® vinyl sunrooms feature solid virgin vinyl (PVC) as the main visible component. Solid virgin vinyl has many advantages over aluminum. Vinyl is clear color throughout, a non-conductor of electricity that will not rot, chip or corrode. Oasis® vinyl glass rooms incorporate fusion welded vinyl windows (sash and mainframe) in the unique vinyl wall system. Aluminum windows are typically fastened together, while Oasis® vinyl windows utilize welded corners eliminating the opportunity for the elements to enter inside the patio room. Vinyl, naturally an insulator, allows homeowners to extend their patio room’s season because vinyl has much less heat loss than other building materials.




Bullet ImageClear color throughout Blue bulletNormally 1 mill paint finish
Bullet ImageNever needs painting
Blue bulletWill need to paint
Bullet ImageScratch Resistant
Blue bulletPaint can scratch off
Bullet ImageImpact Resistant
Blue bulletWill show dents
Bullet ImageWarm to the touch
Blue bulletCold to the touch
Bullet ImageNon-Conductor of electricity
Blue bulletConducts electricity
Bullet ImageEasy to clean
Blue bulletCareful not to remove or scratch paint
Bullet ImageWill not oxidize
Blue bulletCan oxidize especially if touching steel
Bullet ImageWill not corrode or rust with salt or spray
Blue bulletWill weather with salt and spray
Bullet ImageCan be welded in window frame
Blue bulletMechanically fastened
Bullet ImageNaturally thermally broken
Blue bulletRequires thermal break to keep inside warmer
Bullet ImageLifetime Warranty
Blue bullet10-year warranty on finish
Bullet ImageStable priced product
Blue bulletVery unstable - can fluctuate rapidly
Bullet ImageLoses 1.3 BTUs per hour
Blue bulletLoses 1416 BTUs per hour


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Why a Vinyl Sunroom?

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