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Casement Windows

Elegance and Utility

Targets Elite windows are available in modern casement and awning styles to give you added flexibility in designing your homes quality of light. Casements and awnings can be combined in a number of elegant styles with double-hung, sliding or picture windows to create a modern-looking, light-filled room that is both easy to live in and maintain.  Available in unlimited colors on the exterior and 3 woodgrain interiors; or standard white or beige.


  • Designed for Designing

    Awning windows tilt outward at the bottom, to increase ventilation even on wet, rainy days. Casement windows feature sashes that crank out a full 90 degrees and corrosion-resistant gearing to provide years of worry-free operation. Designed with concealed hinges for a clean, sleek appearance

  • Weather-Resistant Beauty

    Targets Elite 4000 Casement and Awning Windows are among the industry’s most weather-resistant and thermally efficient windows.  The best thermal air spacer insulating system available reduces heat transfer. Add in triple seal compression system around the full perimeter, full 1″ insulated glass and a durable locking system, and you have a strong, weather-resistant window that virtually eliminates drafts.

    Targets High Performance Low-E/Argon Glass reduces ultraviolet light and makes your windows one of the most thermally efficient available on the market today. And, like all Elite windows, they are maintenance- and worry-free.





  • Fusion-welded frame and sash provide permanent seal for superior strength and durability.
  • Maintenance-free uPVC extrusions provide long-lasting durability. With the finish thoughout the vinyl, there is never any need for painting.
  • Precision miter-cut frame and sash corners are fusion-welded for superior air tightness and strength, resulting in a one-piece, maintenance-free frame.
  • Sash ramp on lower master frame to guide sash into proper closure alignment.
  • Outer frames have a soft contour that enhances the beauty of your home.
  • For easy cleaning from inside, sashes crank out to a full 90 degrees, eliminating ladders and outside labor.
  • Triple-Seal system between sash and frame offers superior protection from the elements.
  • Hinges are field adjustable to prevent sash sag.
  • Heavy-duty multi-point locking system provides added security, smooth operation and draws sash up tight.
  • Folding handle prevents interference with blinds.
  • “Neat” Coating on exterior of glass to help keep your windows cleaner…See Video
  • Full 1″ insulated glass with 366 triple silver LowE w/argon is standard. Optional glazing such as High Performance, obscure, tinted or tempered is also available

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Double Hung Windows

The traditional window that slides up and down, but tilts in for easy cleaning.

Awning Windows

Have a hinge at the top and open outward.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are 3 window combinations that project outward from a home.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are 4 to 6 window combinations that project outward from a home.

Casement Windows

Have a hinge at the side and crank out to open.

Picture and Special Windows

These are stationary windows designed to match double-hung or casement windows.

Sliding Windows

Open by sliding one sash horizontally past the other.


A mini video demonstration.